Welcome to Safe T Punch (STP)

Safe T Punch (STP) is a break glass emergency device that is currently being used as an emergency egress tool in homes and on buses in South Africa. Safe T Punch is designed as a small red button meant to smash through glass and allow trapped passengers to escape from mobile equipment when the primary escape hatch is not usable or practical.

Buses and Coaches 

Safe T Punch is designed to facilitate fast and easy exit from public transport vehicles in an emergency. It makes use of proven technology to ensure its reliable operation in all conceivable situations to avoid passengers remaining trapped in a vehicle in the event of an accident.
STP consists of a red button that can be installed on a window of a mobile equipment, particularly vehicles used in construction. If the vehicle rolls or tips over; the worker inside can use STP as a secondary emergency exit by hitting it and breaking the glass. Safe T Punch is easily fixed directly to a tempered glass windows using a very high specification double sided tape or adhesive transfer. Its activation requires only two motions - removal of the safety seal and striking of the knob with a balled fist as per instructions.

The device has been approved as a secondary means of escape in mobile equipment. It is the only emergency egress device rigorously tested by a UKAS accredited testing laboratory.

Homes and Commercial 

The Safe T Punch is of high quality and simple operation that would allow this glass to be broken in an emergency situation and perfect for this residential property where a fire escape window wasn’t allowed due to planning restrictions.